A Coterie of Cosies Exhibition at Bygone Beautys

Celebrating Australiana Through Tea Cosies

Exhibition Opening
Thursday 15th September 2016, 5:30pm
Drinks & canapés amongst the cosies
RSVP: 8th September 2016
Phone: 02 4784 3117  Email: info@bygonebeautys.com.au

Dates: Thursday 15th September to Sunday 16th October 2016
Time: 10:00am to 5:30pm, 7 days
Cost: $5.50 per person (includes entry to the Treasured Teapot Museum)

Opening in September 2016, Bygone Beautys will be host to a special exhibition, A Coterie of Cosies. As a celebration of Australiana through the creative art of handmade tea cosies, the exhibition will showcase the work of Marianne Alcock and Janet Gilbert. Iconically Australian symbols and characters will come to life through this collection and will surprise, delight and entertain with their quirky designs and unique and creative flair. From the coral of the Great Barrier Reef, koalas, Nemo and the Opera House to a Vegemite jar, May Gibbs’ inspired Gumnut Babies and Dame Edna Everage, these imaginative designs would bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Eucalyptus Breath

“Inspiration for a cosy is everywhere. A ball of yarn can be a cosy waiting to emerge; an animal or storybook character can be begging to be knitted; an architectural structure can simply be a challenge; some people just need to be cosies! Some cosies are merely attractive shapes, textures or colours.” – Marianne Alcock.

Not only are the cosies a delight to admire, they were also knitted for a good cause. Marianne Alcock knits cosies for a project she calls the Cambodian Cosy Campaign, which sees all profits going towards her granddaughters, Mia (16) and Anieke’s (13), school trip to an orphanage in Cambodia. Through their school, the students have the opportunity to visit the orphanage in Year 10 where they work during the school holidays. Marianne makes the cosies and the girls market them in their parents’ restaurant, Broads, in Perth. Marianne has been knitting tea cosies since 2011 when she began creating them as quirky gifts for family and friends. Her joy comes from the creative process and she works from her head with all designs being original and made without a pattern. As a retired school teacher she enjoys creating storybook character cosies which she donates to literary projects. She also donates cosies to a number of charities annually, including the Cancer Council, Alzheimer’s Association and Animal Welfare.

Also featuring in the exhibition will be the work of Janet Gilbert, a talented friend of Marianne’s who often helps with various projects and is also active in her contributions to various charities and has won prizes for her creative cosies. Janet’s creativity lies in taking an existing pattern and recreating it or modifying it to suit her needs. She likes to be challenged with complicated patterns, fine wool and embroidered enhancements. She is inspired by the level of difficulty the project offers. Janet has a love for cross stitch embroidery and May Gibbs’ children’s books and, as a retired librarian, she creates storybook character cosies which she donates to literary and charitable projects.


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